The Brand Capsule   is a brand strategy development system that aligns soul, strategy & style, creating a solid foundation on which your business can scale to new heights.


We believe the best brands are built from the soul up, and lived from the inside out.

When entrepreneurs & leaders uncover who they are as a business and a brand — both innately and aspirationally — they are able to step into a deeper level of authenticity and alignment, magnetizing the right people into their world.

The Brand Capsule® is the mirror that creates this new level of clarity. It draws out the truest and most beautiful parts of your business, connecting it with a workable strategy that becomes the guiding light for every creative & strategic decision to come.

Your brand is your greatest asset — let's build it from the soul up, so you can live it from the inside out.

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The Brand Capsule® can be delivered via Private Workshops, our online Self-Guided System, or our bi-annual Events. In each format, you'll be taken through our three key phases for brand success.

How We Can Transform Your Business

Part 01: Brand Soul

Our proven Brand Capsule® process has been designed to extract your wisdom, passion, and expertise, and synthesize it in a way that creates alignment, consistency, and meaningful results.

The first step in this journey is to tap into the heart & soul of your business — its purpose, vision, and values. This is where we go deep and dream big, setting the stage for all future creative and strategic decisions.

Part 02: Brand Strategy

Next we get crystal clear on who your dream clients really are, how your business's products & services are the natural bridge between your purpose and their desired transformation, and how your brand mission tells this story.

The best part? Not only will this help you craft visuals and verbiage that magnetize your dream clients, you'll have breakthroughs that will serve your business far beyond our time together.

Part 03: Brand Style

Now that we've done a deep dive into your brand's soul and strategy, we can articulate your brand's style. This comes last because we want the outward portrayal of your brand — its aesthetics, name, and voice — to properly communicate the full brilliance and impact of your business.

Our work culminates in your fully customized Brand Capsule® — your business's new North Star, it is a creative brief, training manual, business plan, and marketing resource all in one.

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For personal brands and "soulpreneurs", your energetic blueprint must inform your brand's. We'll help you connect the dots between your soul and your business.

Soul Alignment

Think of us as your CBO — Chief Brand Officer. We can stay on board post-project to oversee your team and any other creative or strategic projects you take on.


Part of our work in The Brand Capsule® is uncovering your distinct brand voice, allowing us to easily create new brand-aligned copy for your marketing initiatives.


As you bring your brand strategy to life via branding or website design, we can oversee the design project to ensure consistency, cohesion, and alignment. 

Creative Direction

A strong brand strategy is a necessary foundation for a strong marketing strategy. Let us help build a plan that authentically communicates your brand story.

Marketing Strategy

Additional private consulting sessions can be included at key milestones along the way, including customized BrandPsyche™ archetype reports and insights.

Brand Consulting

Before  /  during  /  after

If The Brand Capsule® is the main course, there are a handful of appetizers, sides, and desserts we may recommend to complete your experience.




PErsonal Brands


Authors & Writers





Fashion & Style

Home Builders

Group benefits & Insurance




Regardless of our clients' industry or stage of growth, all of them have one thing in common: they are passionate, innovative, and have a big, bold vision. They desire to be recognized as pioneers and thought leaders in their industry, and genuinely want to change the world in their own unique way. 

Industries We Have Loved To Serve

— Ray M.

"After working through The Brand Capsule®, our team absolutely feels a renewed purpose and a bigger, better vision. Our brand has a very powerful story, but it wasn't told properly up to now. The whole Brand Capsule® process was very pleasant and easy."

what they're saying

— Beth M.

"Going through The Brand Capsule® was an incredible experience for me and my team. It gave me the confidence to apply for BC Business's Top 30 Under 30... which I won!"

what they're saying

— Marci H.

"Working through The Brand Capsule® was a really unique experience, the process itself was well thought out. The real benefit was in translating vision and ideas into a digestible format that can be shared throughout the organization."

what they're saying

— Alisha O.

"Robyn's depth of understanding is absolutely remarkable. Her ability to tease out what was truly important is a rare skill. Now I feel confident that my brand is truly reflective of who I am and what I do."

what they're saying

— Andrea B.

"The Brand Capsule® has become an incredible resource and tool that we use on a daily basis, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result."

what they're saying

Our purpose is to reconnect you with your purpose — to uncover the best and truest version of your brand, chisel it away, polish it up, and put it out in the world so that those who need you can find you.

Meet Our Team of Co-Creators

Robyn James

Robyn is a brand & marketing strategist whose education, experience, and intuition come together to help clients expand and articulate their purpose. Her unique ability to uncover the connecting pieces between where they've been, where they are, and where they want to go is what fuels our clients’ strategic & creative direction, giving them the clarity and confidence to see what’s possible.

Founder & CEO

Jodi Duncan

Jodi is an Art Director & Designer who brings passion, humour, and an eye for detail to every project. Her 8+ years of experience creating and advertising for mega-brands at agencies in Atlanta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles has honed her design and brand-building expertise, however her heart remains rooted in serving purpose-driven start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.


Brittany Veenhuysen

Brittany is a strategic writer and co-founder of BrandPsyche™. She communicates the heart and soul of our clients’ businesses by tapping into what sets them apart and writing outside the box. With a BA in English and a Certificate in Business and Technical Writing, she helps our clients develop a deep resonance with people they love to serve.

Brand psychologist & Writer

Tyler Massie

As a professional brand strategist and co-founder of BrandPsyche™, Tyler empowers businesses as they develop their marketing strategies and brand storytelling techniques. He ensures that every activity is intentionally aligned to execute transformative marketing strategies that meet and exceed client goals.

Brand Psychologist & Strategist

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After we mutually agree on the right path for you, we'll get you onboarded! Assets may be requested or shared, workshops or meeting times scheduled, and a project plan put in place.

The Third Step

We will review your application through both an analytical and intuitive lens. We'll email you details on the customized path we think will suit your unique business needs best.

The Second Step

Tell us about your company via the Application Form. The more details you can provide, the better — this will help us assess the right path for you. Click here to fill out the Form.

The First Step

How it works:

We believe there is a new way to build impactful businesses & brands. A simpler way. A lighter way. A way that is rooted in purpose and authenticity. A way that cuts through the noise and lets the heart & soul of your business shine through. A way that creates deep resonance and lasting impact with those you are here to serve.

We believe most business’s challenges can be solved by going to the root, the core, the brand. Knowing who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and why. We believe some rules are meant to be broken if it means showing up in integrity & truth (and intelligent positioning). We believe in energy. Alignment. Co-creation. And we believe that the best brands are built from the soul up... and lived from the inside out.‍

Our purpose is to (re)connect you with your purpose — to uncover the best and truest version of your brand, chisel it away, polish it up, and put it out in the world so that those who need you can find you. 

Let's build your brand from the soul up.

step into your next level of success

Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer: every phase. Long answer: we usually find the sweet spot is at the 2-8 year mark. It's around this point that a business owner will feel the discomfort from outgrowing the 1.0 or 2.0 version of their brand.

Their vision and offerings have evolved, their expertise has grown, and their clients have grown too. The Brand Capsule® helps them get clear on who they are now, integrating their hard-won learning and business evolution.

However, dozens of new entrepreneurs have deeply benefited from this process. The Brand Capsule® has allowed them to build their business faster and on a stronger foundation, and is a process they can revisit at every new phase in their entrepreneurial journey.




We have seen time and time again that doing a deep, deep dive at the beginning to craft an exceptionally thorough brand strategy pays dividends over time. We look at brand strategy as the ultimate, essential foundation for your business.

Our Brand Capsule® process is different from any other brand strategy development process, and truly is the cornerstone of our work — we "do not pass go, do not collect $100" without it in place! (Even our external partners would agree!) 

With that in mind, if you have worked with a brand consultant to build a strong strategy, and want to explore additional creative or strategic services with us, please indicate that on the Application Form and we can co-create the best path for you.


I already have a good brand and just want other creative or strategic services. Can we skip the brand capsule® phase?


YES! The brand and website designers and marketing, sales, and business consultants that we work with love when our clients come into a project armed with their unique Brand Capsule®. It allows them to work in their zone of genius rather than waste time trying to pull out the vision from the client.

If you're a designer or consultant who aligns with our values and approach, send us a message to be considered as a referral partner for The Brand Capsule®. You'll receive access to training and marketing materials, plus a kickback for every client you send our way.

Let's create a world with more beautiful, impactful, purpose-driven brands – together.


First things first: brand strategy is business strategy through the lens of your brand. Brand identity (in the category of brand communications) is one of the many ways through which your brand strategy comes to life. The Brand Capsule® focuses on brand strategy, however the outcome (your final Capsule) will include high level visual guidelines.

If you're not a proficient designer, we highly recommend you work with an expert to bring your brand visuals to life. We work with a handful of exceptional designers, and can connect you with the right one based on your brand strategy — and can step in as Creative Director to oversee the project.

For added context, check out our videos on the difference between brand strategy and brand communications and how to save money on design projects.

I need a new logo and/or brand identity — can you help?